Lift Recliners

Positive Posture produces the best functioning and looking lift recliners in the market. This is why we feature them here. 

 All other motorized lift recliners offer only standard recline features using one or two motors to achieve movement. No other lift recliner other than those designed and made by Positive Posture are capable of placing users into the True Zero-Gravity® position and the high therapy – sometimes called the “trendelenburg position” – in addition to all the other positions in between like those for reading or watching TV.  In other words, traditional lift chair recliners offer only “reading” and “napping” alternatives, and you won’t get the therapeutic benefits of the best power lift recliners that offer neutral-posture, zero-gravity capability. ...

The motorized lift chairs that  we offer are the ONLY three-motor lift chair in the market, and the use of three motors (versus one or two in all other electric lift chairs) makes an enormous difference in function and comfort.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of our lift recliner offering is like this: take all the features of a Positive Posture True Zero Gravity® powered recliner (which runs on two motors),  and add to it a completely independent lift function. If you’re wondering what Positive Posture chairs cost a bit more, you now know why.

 When the lift function isn’t being used, our lift recliner works perfectly as a non-lift recliner, with no sacrifice whatsoever to seating comfort for people who do not need the lift function. Looking at how a Positive Posture lift chair looks and feels, you would never know that it was a lift chair until you press the lift button on the remote wand. 

Find your perfect angles for relaxing in the comfort of a premium True Zero-Gravity®,  soil-resistant, easy-cleaning,  antimicrobial polyurethane lift recliner. Warming back and seat heat helps you relax your mind and your muscles even more.

Then stand with a smooth and strong power lift mechanism. 

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