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Frozen Shoulder Symptoms

“Adhesive capsulitis,” aka frozen shoulder, is a painful and complicated condition that may be caused by physical injury, poor posture, or even hormonal factors. Symptoms include discomfort and inflexibility in the shoulder area. Restricted motion, stiffness, and pain are constant reminders of this disorder.

The frozen shoulder remains quite the mystery, while doctors can offer multiple treatment options, most agree that in 2 years or longer the shoulder will “thaw” on its own. For those suffering, that is not good enough.

Massage The Pain Away

Acupuncture, physical therapy, and cortisone shots are all viable and worthwhile options; consider adding massage therapy for frozen shoulder in your treatment regimen. 

Massage therapy, including the use of premium massage chairs, increases blood flow to the wounded area, this increase encourages the body’s healing process. Massage also can lessen the formation of scar tissue.

The benefits of massage include improved range of motion, which is especially encouraging to those coping with frozen shoulder. Massage therapy is multifactorial, meaning it creates interconnected adaptive responses in the nervous system and soft tissue. Massage works not only physiologically but psychologically.

Consult the Doctor

Only your doctor can accurately diagnose a frozen shoulder. Meet with them to discuss your treatment possibilities and choices.

Shoulder pain can be calmed and relieved with massage therapy. Wisewell is here to help. Our friendly experts will guide you through a range of high-end massage chairs to find your perfect fit. Ease the pain, contact us today!

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