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It’s important is to have “good posture” on some level, how much better you feel when you’re sittings up straight. But in today’s world of desk jobs and technology, and long commutes it’s quite easy to let your posture go to the wayside.
Despite our human bodies not being designed for sitting for hours and hours on end, that’s the way of life for a good majority of people.

Posture can have a huge effect on overall health, self-confidence, attitude, and feeling.

After you’ve been on a long car ride or sitting for hours at a desk, it’s pretty common to feel neck pain or back pain. By simply sitting up straight with your shoulders back, a lot of this pain can be alleviated.

When you hunch your back or slouch over, your vital organs can be squished. Having good posture keeps all of your organs in the correct position which allows them to function better and work more efficiently.

Sitting upright and standing with your shoulders back and your head up high also communicates powerful body language. When your body is in a powerful position, you come across as a powerful person. This could help you make decisions or take control.

Another thing that you might notice when you start focusing on having the correct posture is improved energy levels. Many studies have shown that hunching over and slouching can be related to poor posture. Walking and skipping increase your energy. Have you ever gone for a walk and came back with more energy? Studies have shown that walking increases blood flow thus increasing energy.

One other surprising fact about having a positive posture is that studies have shown that we tend to think more positively when we sit up straight. In an experiment, people with good posture were more likely to remember positive memories or think about something positive in general.

So sit up straight, it’s important!

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