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Massage Therapy Provides Many Health Benefits

Who doesn’t love a massage? Although typically thought of as a “treat yourself” form of relaxation, there are many benefits and advantages to getting into the habit of regular massage. Frequent massage provides therapeutic relief to people of all ages and all walks of life, from professional athletes to gardeners to the over-stressed business person.

This is why: Massage therapy offers a humanistic, drug-free and simple approach to wellness, all based on the central idea that the body can heal itself when given the opportunity.

While finding a reason to treat yourself to a massage may be easy, finding the time to do so may be more challenging. Taking time to prioritize your health and wellness  has the potential to make everything you do less stressful and less painful, allowing you to be more productive with the rest of your day!

The health benefits of massage are undeniable:

  1. Lymphatic stimulation, your body’s first defense against toxins
  2. Increased blood flow and overall circulation
  3. Endorphin release, which can act as a natrual painkiller
  4. Increased range of motion and less discomfort associated with lower back pain
  5. Relaxation of overworked and injured muscles
  6. Less muscle spasms and cramping
  7. Increased joint flexibility
  8. Quicker recovery time from workouts
  9. Migraine relief
  10. Reduce post-operative adhesions and edema, as well as reduced scar tissue

At Wisewell, we believe that the body can heal itself. We’d love to give you a complimentary 1-hour massage.

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